Design Styles


Contemporary kitchens combine established modern design elements with today's trends. As opposed to other styles, that use neutral tones, a contemporary kitchen can have bold splashes of colour. Other defining characteristics of this style include open shelves, geometric fixtures in brass or gold, gleaming granite or quartz countertops. When creating a contemporary style kitchen, a kitchen designer can combine a variety of elements - old and new, casual and polished, matte and high gloss.


Clean, crisp lines, flat panelled cabinet doors, uncluttered surfaces are all iconic symbols of a modern kitchen. This minimalist style originated in the middle of the 20th century and continues to gain popularity to this day. Modern style kitchens project the feeling of refinement, marked by the use of neutral and natural colours, reflective surfaces, exotic woods, and sophisticated materials.


Transitional kitchens are trendy as they represent a delicate balance between traditional and modern designs, creating a timeless style. Shaker-style cabinetry doors free of heavier decorative accents found in a traditional kitchen, define a transitional kitchen design. Linear forms coupled with neutral colour palettes integrate a modern influence. Most popular colours include natural wood stain, or neutral paints such as white, grey, or black. Paired with sumptuous surfaces like granite, marble, or quartz, they create a balanced and inviting space.


Classic kitchens are known for their abundant decorative elements. A kitchen designer working on creating a classic kitchen will often opt for features such as sumptuous appliqués, moldings, corbels, and arches. Most often, this style of kitchen is finished using natural coloured wood, such as oak maple and cherry. Luxurious granite or marble countertops, showcasing the natural beauty of the stone, elegantly integrate with the overall look and feel of a classic kitchen.

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